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Guided Tours

donkeyNevis Peak Tour - 4 hours

The tour begins at 8 am at Peak Heaven 1200ft above sea level with a short Tour Guide Orientation.

You will take the adventurous, unforgettable hike up to the top of Nevis Peak approximately 3,200ft above sea level.  Not to be missed!


This tour is rated 4 out of 5 stars in difficulty. By reservations only. Hiking only or Hike and lunch packages available.


Rawlins Village Hike

Rawlins Village was once known as the ‘bread basket of Nevis’.  Food was grown here to feed the whole island with enough left over to sell on to our sister island, St Kitts.   

This tour will take you on a journey where you will learn all about the village, the villagers and the food they grew and ate.   Also learn about the oldest animal mill on the island and view 17th century ruins and the roles the British and French played in our rich history.

Included in the tour is a stopover at Peak Heaven a delight mountain retreat were you will enjoy spectacular views of the island, Montserrat, Antigua and Redonda, so, don’t forget to bring your camera!   

Hike and lunch package available.

This tour is rated 2 out of 5 stars in difficulties and is by reservation only.
Hike and lunch packages are also available.


Bush Tea and Nature Walk - 45 minutes
Bush teas are a vital part of our culture and this knowledge is past on from generation to generation.  You will walk through our lush tropical forest and learn the different varieties of bush teas and their remedies.  Also included is a sampling of four teas and a variety of Peak Heaven's Bush teas. 

This tour is rated 2 out of 5 stars in difficulty.
Hike and lunch packages are also available.

monkeyMonkey Excursion - 45 minutes
Although the green vervet Monkey is not a natural inhabitant on the island of Nevis (it is said that they were bought to the island by the French in the 17th century as pets), they have now become an integral part of island life. 

The best time to spot these lively and mischievous creatures in the natural environment is in the early morning or late afternoon.

Tours leave Peak Heaven at 7am or 4pm and are by reservation only


This tour is rated 2 out of 5 stars in difficulty.


Walk the Maroon Trail
Maroons were people who had freed themselves from exploitation at the plantation and escaped into the mountains.  Walk in the footsteps of the maroons.   Learn of their bravery and how they kept the French troops at bay.  Join us on this historical and insightful tour.

This tour is rated 3 out of 5 stars in difficulty.

Monkey Walk and Sunset Dinner
View our "green monkeys" in their natural environment as they play in the trees and search for tropical fruit.  Afterwards, relax and enjoy an authentic Nevisian Dinner at Peak Heaven overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and neighbouring islands.

This tour is rated 2 out of 5 stars in difficulty and is by reservation only for 6 or more persons.


All tours, packages include entrance into Peak Heaven and a Nevisian Village Life Tour.  Packages are available with transportation to and from Peak Heaven, in Nevis and St. Kitts. Proper walking or hiking shoes are suggested.

For more information and bookings, please call
1-(869) 665-6926 or email kathy@peakheavennevis.com

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